Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pink Fuel Makes My Heart Go Pitter Patter

The With Love, Again Hunt started this week and [Pink Fuel] is one of the participants. After hearing some screams of delight on Plurk, I went to there to see what the fuss was about. For $10L I got what the designer calls a "prelease" of her new Alyx skin. Oh - My - God. Two versions of the skin are included, Naughty and Nice. I'm wearing the Nice one 'cause I'm nice.

I am what you call a skin loyalist. Ever since I discovered Curio sometime in 2009, I've flirted with other skins, but stayed loyal to Curio until Mynerva stole my heart completely in early 2011. I demo almost every new skin that catches my eye still, and buy a few (especially when they're on sale). But, after I take the pictures and prance around asking Ayla and April what they think, maybe posting to Plurk and asking the opinion of my entire timeline, I take off the new skin and don Mynerva again. It's probably annoying, but I know Ayla understands. She does the same thing.

This new Pink Fuel skin might actually cause me to stray and to contemplate retinting all my sandals. It's GORGEOUS! I CAN'T WAIT to see the rest of the line. Pardon me while I go add to the orgiastic screaming in Plurk over this skin.

Dolly Baroque