Friday, 30 December 2011

End of the Road

Frazzled, that's what I am!  I'm sure this fashion blogging thing will get easier in time.  Obviously it helps not to replace your whole outfit with a poseball right at a critical moment.  Don't you love it when you are all nicely dressed, ready to snap away, then you end up standing there naked and bald?  I mean, pose balls come in very handy, but they are hardly haute couture.  All this, after spending over and hour trying to decide what to wear from my days shopping, then after trying everything on, i ended up going back to the first outfit I wore! 

Anyway, i digress.  Today is a very, very, very, very (add a thousand more verys), sad day.   Fifty Linden Friday has come to the end of the road.  For years myself and my best friends, Dolly and April, have logged on full of glee to see what FLF has in store for us.  I think the only happy party in the demise of the popular sale is my inventory.  I swear i heard a sigh of relief as i bought my very last FLF purchase.

To cheer ourselves up we all bailed home to unpack everything and then jumped on poseballs from Glitterati. So here we are, the redhead, the brunette and the ditzy blonde.  Me and my besties.

Dolly, Ayla and April
Aren't we glamorous?  Just a pity we were all dolled up with no place to go.  The dazzling dresses are from Tres Blah and I am wearing the silver just to be different! 

My favourite hair from today was this cute little style from Clawtooth, this is called Summer Break and the colour is Girl Next Door.  It's just so whispy and messy and lush.

I am also wearing here a cute necklace with a 50L coin pendant from Yummy.  It's something sweet to remind us of all those fabulous Fifty Linden Friday shopping trips.

So, that's it.  No more FLF.  Nothing more to say, so if you will excuse me i will go and don my sack cloth and ashes and mourn the loss of one of my favourite ever sales.  *Runs off wailing and crying, looking for a shoulder to snot all over while listening to this song*


  1. Ditzy! Who's ditsy i may ask? You didn't see me naked after jumping a poseball. LOL

    We will definitely miss FLF - ya'll won't be able to drag me around picking out cutsie things to wear.

    Must admit we do look fab though - it was a fun day even under the circumstances.

  2. Oh April, of course we'll still drag you around to pick out cutsie things for you to wear! But now we might not wait for Friday!