Sunday, 18 December 2011

Feelin' Hot

My alpha issue is come and go, so when my computer, SL, and internet conditions are all in a good mood I can still take pictures. I think it helps to hold my breath while standing only on my left foot.

I went to Four Corners today and picked up a few things. I thought I was buying the demo of the Glam Affair skin, Linn, but I ended up buying the skin by accident. I can be careless like that at times, but it paid off. So exotic and pretty! It's the tan shade, and a shade or two darker than I would wear every day, but so glamorous! I feel like a brand new Dolly.

Everything else I already had on. I wanted to show off the butterfly stockings and dress from League. The mesh boots are from SLink. My earrings are oldies but goodies from a store that is no longer around. The poses are by Olive Juice and available at Four Corners.

1 comment:

  1. Yummm yumm yummy! You look like you just came back from a vacation somewhere hot. Love those stockings - they make your legs look soo sexy!