Wednesday, 11 December 2013

It's the Principle of the Thing

It's all over the news that the National Security Agency has conducted surveillance in Second Life and World of Warcraft to find terrorists. The New York Times reports that in 2007 a Linden Lab executive made a presentation to the NSA about Second Life. I do remember some kerfuffle about possible terrorists hanging out with us in 2008 in a Congressional hearing. That died down pretty quickly and I sort of forgot about it. Have spy agencies been following me around in SL? Watching me shop and chat with friends? Watched me get NAKED? Some random guy IM'ed me the other day to tell me he liked my legs. Should I worry that he might be some virtual James Bond out to discover my secrets?

I don't really have much expectation of privacy about what I tell other avatars in SL. I do expect, however, that Linden Lab guard my privacy by requiring duly executed court warrants to view my financial data or chat logs. Do I have anything to hide? Not really, but that isn't the point, is it? It's the principle of the thing. Every heard of McCarthyism? The term comes from the witch hunts for Communists in the 1950's spearheaded by one Senator Joseph McCarthy. Based on nothing more than gossip and rumors good people lost their jobs, and were sometimes jailed due to the hysteria about Communist infiltration. Just substitute "terrorist" for "Communist," and you'll see my point.

If you're wondering what this picture has to do with spying on terrorists, it doesn't. That's also part of the point.


Mutresse Lana Shorts
Mutresse Piki Sweater
Mutresse Sneja Boots (at FaMeshed)
Wasabi Pills Sally Mesh Hair - Gingerbread (at FaMeshed)
IKON Spectral Eyes - Green (at FaMeshed)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Belleza Leila Med 4 R
LAQ Decor ~ Christmas Tree - Classic White Snow
DIGS - Landon Fireplace [MESH]
Commoner Monogram Stockings (at The Arcade)
erratic / home - hot chocolate cream (at The Arcade)
erratic / home - candy canes (at The Arcade)
oOo pillow ingenue pose prop (at The Arcade)


  1. I thought there might be a spy in one of those boxes.

  2. OHHH.. I spy on you all the time at the home sim. But then we call that "perving" don't we?