Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Phone Call about Ayla

After her discovery of Ayla's other identity as Cat Woman, Dolly made a phone call to April to discuss their friend's betrayal. It was a long call.  Dolly got comfy in her DCNY undies and waved her mesh rigged bare feet from SLink back and forth.

April was surprised to hear about Ayla's little side business burgling her friends.  "We have to teach her a lesson," she vows. "And you know what I mean."  Even in her ALB Dream Fashion undies, April was a take charge sort of woman.

Three can play at Ayla's game.  Dolly dons her supervillainess outfit she finds on the Marketplace, and April puts hers on from Ellipsis. Meet Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

And now to settle in to wait for Ayla to creep by in her Catwoman disguise.

These story blogs are all about the poses.  We used Olive Juice and Del May poses.


  1. Just so you all know, I am such a child. April and I had a giggly time with these pics!

  2. Ohh and the story will continue... Muahhhaaahhhaaa