Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Mesh Goodies!

I hate to say so, but it is torture to go to Mayfair.  I crash, it takes forever to rez, and unless I've just cleared cache, mesh stuff may not show up.  It's a shame, because Celoe and Mon Tissu have some great things out!  I'll keep my fingers crossed that as soon as the newness is over and fewer avs are shopping all at once, the sim will be easier to navigate.

This pink jersey dress (which comes in several colors) is a new mostly mesh dress from Mon Tissu.  There is a system jacket layer top that blends into the mesh. The reason this is awesome is - in a word - boobs.  No adjusting our ladies to fit the dress.  It's brilliant.  The hat and shoes are both all mesh from Celoe.

I also picked up some new mesh hair from Truth - Dee and Lykie.  Aren't they gorgeous?

My eyes are from Mayfly, lashes from Beetlebones, and skin and makeup from Mynerva.

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