Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I Love Milena and Mynerva

I've been a fan of Mynerva skins for a good while now.  Kianna was my go to skin for a long while until I discovered Glam Affair and became a Glam girl.  But at heart I'm more of a natural girl.  

I blogged about Mynerva's new Milena skin before, liking it but waiting for the full line to come out before deciding to fall in love.  Well, it's out and I'm in love.  I have the Milena Pure skin in champagne (shown below) which is a practically no makeup look.  It comes with loads of options for freckles, eyebrows or no eyebrows (and she sells great tattoo eyebrows separately to customize your look), and different cleavages.  But the great thing is... you can buy tattoo makeups and expand your options by - let me do the math here - a gajillion!  Above I'm wearing the eye makeup from one makeup package and the lipstick from another, all specially made for Milena.  

If you know darn well you'd never be caught dead with as little makeup as Milena Pure you can buy a different Milena skin with more eye makeup and forego the tattoos.  Mynerva's all about choices to customize your avi.  It's a lot of work for the creator.  She did an awesome job and I applaud her work.
Other credits:  Artilleri top and capris, Beetlebones mesh eyelashes, Mayfly mesh eyes and Elikatira mesh hair.  Poses by Alterior Motions (not yet released).

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