Friday, 9 March 2012

The Comic Capers Continue

Last time I left you I was about to head off to snoop around April's cottage to see if I could aquire anything that would help aid my shopping addiction.  Of course, unbeknownst to me I had been spotted in costume.  I stealthily snuck my way though Dolly's and over the hill to April's grottier, more dangerous side of the island.  You never know what kind of riffraff she's got lurking around, so I had sharpened my best weapons, ready to gouge anyones eyes out who got in my way.

Unfortunately I wasn't expecting to run into a couple of well known, feisty super villains.  Before I knew it they appeared out of nowhere and accosted me, even my claws couldn't save me from these two. Although, I did manage to leave them with some trademark cat scatches in the struggle.  The blonde was a nasty piece of work, she grabbed me by the tail and you don't want to know what she did next, while the scantily clad, confident redhead bound me with poison ivy then hauled me to April's cottage.  At least I reached my destination, albeit, not quite as planned.

There they strapped me to a chair and started their interrogation.  Me being my usual stubborn self at first refused to cooperate when they asked me if I knew anything of a certain robbery that occurred a few weeks past.  After some venomous threats they dealt me the biggest blow.  They were going to tell my husband if I didn't confess.  The last time I got into a tiny spot of trouble it ended up with me clearing the paths of horsepoop with a teaspoon, and cleaning a mangy, skanky horse.  I knew Mr Q would believe them, he knows me and my mischief making all too well.  So I admitted the offence and the only way of keeping my crooked ways a secret was if I joined the darkside and help them in their mission to take over the island, and one certain caped crusader.

So here I am on my knees, pledging allegiance to the dark side, committing myself to the cause and no doubt dropping myself into the biggest plot of mischief I've ever gotten myself involved in.  Secretly, I also prayed for someone to save me.  All I wanted was to pilfer some cash to go shopping with.  What have I done?  And who is that lurking in the doorway?

I soon learned the creepy guy with the funny face was the man in charge of the other two vixens, apparently he calls the shots and is also Batmans biggest enemy, The Joker.  How in hell did I manage to get myself into this mess, and who is going to save me from a life of crime?  For now I will just have to go along with it, heaven forbid they drop me in it with the other half.  He'd go bananas!

All the poses in this blog, except the first which is by Olive Juice (it was Bella Baroque whose poses got got us started with this story) were made by the lovely Aprilmae Devin who owns Alterior Motions the place to go if you are looking for hard edge, BDSM animations, though she does have a good selection of model poses too, and furnishings.  As you can see, her vivid imagination is portrayed amazingly in these poses, specially made for our comic crime capers.  Visiting her store is a must for all your kinksters out there!

Poses: Altertior Motions, Catwoman alone Olive Juice
April and Dolly's costumes shown in THIS blog post
Ayla's costume from THIS blog post
The Joker's Costume: Quarantine
The Joker's Hair: Alli & Ali Designs