Monday, 29 October 2012

You haven't heard?

Well then, we have some shopping to do, girlfriend. When Maitreya and Mon Tissu release on the same weekend, shopping is a must.

I went for a neutral look in this pic - the new release sweater and (ok, not new but fabulous) handbag from Maitreya paired with the oh-so-darling new release cotton pants from Mon Tissu. The shoes from Gos (oldies but goodies) worked perfectly with the casual rolled cuff of the pants. My hair is new too, from Truth - I'll never have enough updos. Note also the SLink hands. I can be so expressive with them! The pose that brings everything to life is one of Adorkable's handbag poses.

My friend April sent me a landmark to a sim she thought would be nice for photos. I took a look.  It was pretty, but I ended up back at our sim at her doorstep for this picture. Since I usually have to drag her around to shop, it was inspiration for the pic. There's no place like home for pics, really. 

No list of credits today, I forgot and changed out of this outfit and I'm too lazy to put everything back on. :-P All is not lost, however! Everything should be covered in the text. 

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