Thursday, 2 May 2013

Just My Everyday Tiara

I got such a giggle from Maxi Gossamer's concept of an "Everyday Tiara."  So much so that I decided to make it the centerpiece of my first FaMeshed post for May.  I'll just tidy up the kitchen now - the mesh kitchen from Trompe Loeil available at the all new FaMeshed.  Honest to god, I feel like Penelope Cruz bragging about her espresso machine. 

My Exile hair, FABULOUS "everyday tiara" and surprisingly ladylike dress from Cracked Mirror are only a few of the offerings at the one year anniversary bash for this great event.  I went to FaMeshed early in the morning and still had to try a few times to get in.  It will settle down in a day or two and it's there for a month, so don't let the early crowds stop you from visiting.  Take a pile of lindens.  You'll want everything.

My sexy/cute housewife a la Mad Men pose is a collaboration between Cheeky Pea (for the duster pose prop) and Exposeur, not from FaMeshed. 


Cracked Mirror - Wool Peplum Dress (grey)(at FaMeshed)
Exile Hair - Fire To The Rain Natural Fusion (at FaMeshed)
Maxi Gossamer - Everyday Tiara - Pearl Heart - SILVER (at FaMeshed)
Maxi Gossamer - White South Sea Pearl - Necklace - Single Strand
Mirror's Enigma - Victoria Tan Skintone (Nude/Red)