Monday, 6 May 2013

Spoil Me

When I'm looking for jewelry for my spoiled avatar, I look to a few top-of-the-mind stores like Maxi Gossamer, Mandala and Yummy.  More and more often I'm finding great trendy mesh jewelry at Pure Poison.  The store has just moved and been redesigned with half of it turned over to accessory items.  Check it out and let me know how you like it.  I'm loving all the great jewelry choices.


(Top pic)
Pure Poison - Nisaa Necklace - Scarlett
Pure Poison - La Rose Dress
Mirror's Enigma Victoria Tan Skintone (Nude/Red)
Purple Moon Coco Sunglasses in Red

(Middle pic)

Pure Poison - Cat Necklace
Pure Poison - Cat Earrings
tram  C409 hair / maroon (size40)
Emery - Mesh Denim Jacket Hollywood Dark

(Bottom pic)

Pure Poison - Love Earrings - Floral
Tee*fy Odette Dress Springfield
tram  C429 hair(B) / maroon


  1. The Cat Necklace isnt in Pure poison shop. Please send the correct surl.

    1. Sorry about that. It was in an event a week or so ago. I thought it would be in the store now. It's so darling, isn't it? I suggest contacting Shaleene Kenin, owner of Pure Poison, via notecard and let her know how much you like the necklace and ask her when it will be in the store.

    2. UPDATE May 11: I stopped in Pure Poison today and the Cat Jewelry is out! :-)