Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Three Wishes - A Strawberry Singh Meme

"Hello, Linden Lab?  Strawberry Singh is my fairy godmother - what?  Yeah, the one who takes those great pictures - anyway she gave me three wishes of changes I can make to my Second Life, and I thought I should let you know.  Huh?  No, I'm not filing a jira.  These are magic wishes.  I'm telling you because we're in this together, you know? You're confused?  Just check her blog."

This is really, really hard for me, Berry!  I have wishes about SL all the time but I usually shrug and do what I can to forget about it. 

Second Life has improved technically over the years, despite the grousing that seems to be a constant drone.  I remember when passing over a sim crossing was not something one did lightly.  You could crash, have your shoes and hair reattach to your butt, or find yourself walking into the great beyond.  Now we have windlight, shadows (if your computer can handle it), and mesh that allows us even more creativity in our virtual spaces and avatars, along with more stability overall.  I still crash, don't get me wrong.  But not like the old days! 

Wish Number 1:  All of the previous is my way of saying that I'm not one of those Second Life crabby types who looks suspiciously at every new thing that is rolled out, sure that it'll be the end of SL.  So my first wish will be to never hear again, "They should have fixed [the issue that affects the grouser] before rolling out [whatever, doesn't matter how great it is]."  or "I can never ever ever ever get used to the new viewer and will let you pry Viewer 1.whatever-the-hell out of my cold dead avatar hands!"

Wish Number 2:  Now that I've been nice and patted Linden Lab on your back for what you've done well, I want to let you know I do have a problem with the way you market Second Life.  When you don't define your product in an easy to understand way, others do it for you.  And they have with Second Life.  In a not so flattering way.  Nobody wants to talk about Second Life.  We residents are embarrassed because of the way we're defined by the media and the gamer community.  I noticed, Linden Lab, that even you don't want to talk about Second Life.  It's not even mentioned on your home page

Try saying that Second Life is fun.  It's people from all over the world in a shared space for creative endeavor.  But you can't stop there or normal people will have no clue what you're talking about!  Tell them they can be a tourist, a treasure hunter, a fashionista, a roleplayer, a photographer, an architect, a DJ, a blogger, a gardener, a fashion designer, an artist, and yes - a stripper.  Second Life has a functioning economy.  It's cute.  It can make us cry and laugh and say awwwww.  We have fundraisers for charity.  We make friends, and unlike Facebook, we can go together to a disco and hear live music or take a class to learn how to build a house.  Sometimes we're dragons, mermaids or penguins.  Sometimes we wear penis hats.  Sometimes we're just drop dead gorgeous.  The best part is - we residents had a role in creating Second Life and we have this tremendous pride of ownership.  Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

Wish Number 3:  I wish the ability to make darling perfect mesh furniture and houses fell out of the sky and into my head without having to learn Blender.  A woman can dream.


Dura Hair Boy 37(Sienna)
Pure Poison - Cat Necklace
Slink Mesh Hands
Mon Tissu Daydream Dress ~ Liberty
Mirror's Enigma Victoria Tan Skintone (Nude/Red)
What Next Phone booth photo prop


  1. +1 ! I really enjoyed reading your wishes.

  2. Your first 2 wishes are definitely on my top list of wishes as well.
    "we residents had a role in creating Second Life and we have this tremendous pride of ownership" <- this particular statement especially. I mean we constantly get that 'you can be anyone you wanna be' aspect from their home page; but if I never participated in SL, I don't think I'll ever understand you can actually... contribute and be a part of something. Its an amazing thing about SL and I think it makes us proud of SL rather than ashamed of it. As a community, we've built structures, raised cities from bare prims, made prim babies and breedables etc etc- its a lot of talent in one place. I don't think there's a reason for any of us to be ashamed of those incredible feats.

    Loved reading this! Thank you for writing your response!

    1. Thank you so much! I do think that pride of ownership is what makes us so fiercely loyal to Second Life.

  3. Spot on, Dolly! Sometimes it is hard to explain how much a part of our first lives Second Life is. I have never played any other MORG or whatever they are called so I can not speak of the feeling of community or belonging they may have but Second Life was an amazing find for me 5 years ago and remains the marvel it was to me then. It certainly keeps my mind stimulated and my learning curve on a sine wave.

    1. I know! We've taken a lot of that journey together and I am proud of what we've created!

  4. You just HAD to throw in my penis hat, didn't you? :P (nottalking)
    LOL thanks for sharing and your wishes were spot on!