Friday, 24 February 2012

Predator by Olive Juice

As promised here is the second set of poses from Olive Juice for the EPOCH-Legend festival.  I had just as much fun with this Predator set as I did yesterday with the Huntress.  This time though I wasn't hunting badgers, but money!  Rumour has it that Dolly Baroque is good for a few quid, but she's that stingy I knew the only chance was to have a prowl around her house. I mean, I wouldn't call it theft, but just me taking a little reward for being an amazing friend for 4 years! I managed to find a few bundles of $100 notes and scarpered over the wall, making a quick exit before she got home from her shopping trip!

Poses: Olive Juice for the EPOCH-Legend Event
Catsuit: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Catwoman
Eye Makeup - MONS - Eyeliner Cat
Mesh Eyes - Mayfly
Lipstick - L. Fauna